Luperodes suturalis

Family: Chrysomelidae
Subfamily: Galerucinae
Genus: Luperodes
Species:Luperodes suturalis Mots.
Photographed specimen:
Remarks: 2.5mm lang, met zwarte strepen in de lengte over de dekschilden (pl. XI u)
Identified by: G.E. Bryant ,
Collected by: Landbouwconsulent Djocja 14-VIII-'34
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Locality: Het verpreidingsgebied is Z.O.-Azie.
Miscellaneous information: On leaves Glycine Max. Leg. Landbouwconsulent Djocja, 14-VIII-'34. I.v.Pl.
Op Kedde-blad leg. L.b.c. Djokjakarta. 14-8-34 I.v.Pl.
Luperodes suturalis Moth. Det. G.E.Bryant
Specimen deposited in National Natural History Museum 'Naturalis', Leiden, the Netherlands

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Ecology and Economy
Agricultural role: No data yet
Management: No data yet

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