Asiosilis sp. 5

Family: Cantharidae
Subfamily:Not identified
Genus: Asiosilis
Species:Asiosilis sp. 5
Photographed specimen:Sex = male. Length = 7.4mm.
Remarks: A group of extremely similar species, in which the study of male genitalia is indispensable for recognition. Sexual dimorphism: Females have a much less modified pronotum and no dilatations on the ant
Identified by: Andreas Kopetz , 2006
Collected by: M.M. Bos, canopy knockdown fogging. 30-IV-2005. Sampling campaign - April-May 2005
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Locality: Foot of Bulu Lonca (D5), Desa Toro, Kec. Kulawi, Kab. Dongala, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia,UTM 51 S (WGS-84) X 9833179, Y 170731, Alt. 815m
Subregion: Sulawesi

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Ecology and Economy
Agricultural role: No data yet
Management: No data yet

  • Bos M.M., Steffan-Dewenter I., & Tscharntke T., 2007. The contribution of cacao agroforests to the conservation of lower canopy ant and beetle diversity in Indonesia. Biodiversity and Conservation 16: Pp. 2429???2444.