Bolbohamatum drescheri

Family: Geotrupidae
Subfamily: Bolboceratinae
Genus: Bolbohamatum
Species:Bolbohamatum drescheri Krikken 1980 indosinicus Krikken 1980
Photographed specimen:Sex = not sexed. Length = 17 mm
Identified by: Jan Krikken , 2008
Collected by: Eul?lia Gass? Miracle; Naturalis Vietnam Expedition 2007; light trap (ML) 20-v-2007
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Photo by: Eul?lia Gass? i Miracle
Locality: Vietnam, Dong Nai Province
Subregion: Cat Tien National Park
Specimen deposited in National Museum of Natural History Naturalis; Leiden, The Netherlands

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Ecology and Economy
Agricultural role: No data yet
Management: No data yet

  • Krikken, J. , 1980. Bolboceratine scarabs of the Oriental genus Bolbohamatum nov. (Coleoptera, Geotrupidae). Tijdschrift voor Entomologie. 1980; 123(1): 1-38