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Other sites related to (Southeast Asian) beetles:

- : 1000s of images of Cerambycoidea of the world, by Fransesco Vitali

- : Informative page on beetle biogeography, ecology, and evolution by Robert perger

- : Beetles in the American Tree of Life project

- : Very high quality photographs of beetles from all over the world (in German)

- : Great website on the insects of Papua

- : Website on the Meloidae (Blister beetles) of the World, by Stanislav Krejcik

- : Website on the Dermestidae of the World, by Andreas Hermann


- : The content management system this website is build with

- : EDIT-WP6: "Unifying Revisionary Taxonomy" with explanations on "scratchpads", which resemble the system of this website

- : An easy to use, free tool to map geographic coordinates

- : Another free google service on site-statistics

- : Free software to batch-process credit inclusion in images

Related & friends' sites:

- : The homepage of the digital journal on Curculionidae

- : German coleopterists' website

- : The Institute of Agroecology at the University of Goettingen

- : Informative whith a lot of beetle-related contact-addresses

- : Website on mediterranean snails, with great photography